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Meeting Congressman Daryl Issa

Posted by Kathleen on April 11, 2014 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Today we woke up to an AMAZING day in Washington D.C. the weather was PERFECT and I was so so excited. I’ve been to Washington D.C. before (when I lived in Virginia) but I’ve never gotten to go in Capitol building and today thanks to Congressman Issa and his staff I got to take a tour. It was AMAZING.

The best part of the whole tour was AFTER the tour when I actually got to meet Congressman Issa.

See this desk? This tiny little desk was one of the original desks used by members of congress. It’s hard to believe that a grown man sat at this desk. Congressman Issa’s office is full of really cool stuff and he took a lot of time to tell me all about it. I even got to share with him about my project….so you might say We Care Bears went to Washington D.C.

I learned a lot of great stuff about Washington D.C. and Congressman Issa but you want to know the coolest thing I learned? Those car alarms that talk…”Get away from the vehicle” those? THAT is MY Congressman’s voice!! I also learned he is a really nice man and maybe one day when he is back in California we can get together here too. I’m going to invite him to my Make A Difference Day event next year.

After that we went to see the cherry blossoms. They were just beautiful. We went to the museums ….I learned that you aren’t allowed to take pictures in a photographic exhibition…OOPS and we walked A LOT.

It was a GREAT day but I was so tired at the end of it.


Make A Difference Day Luncheon

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Do you guys remember my Make A Difference Day Project in October? You can read more about it HERE.

That was such a great day. We tagged and bagged more than 500 bags of bears for the San Diego Police Department. As a result of everyone’s effort on that day my project was named a Make A Difference Day National Honoree and the awards luncheon was in Washington, D.C.

I was very humbled to be named along with other amazing projects.

I have had a dream of going to New York to talk about my project on the Today Show and taking bears to the NYFD for a long time now and while I know that will probably never happen (because my lip looks funny and sometime people have a hard time understanding me) I got pretty close!!

I had a chance to talk to Savannah Guthrie and her husband Michael.  I gave her a UofA onsie for the baby when it gets here and a chocolate bar for her to give the baby now :lol: and a litle teddy bear for her desk.


Matt Lauer...I gave him hand sanitizer because I watch him on the Today Show and I know he is a little bit of a germaphobe.  I also gave him an autographed picture of me because I know he has met everybody and I thought it would be funny but maybe he just thought I was bragging about me :/  I hope not.


Jenna Bush Hager was so nice to me too.  I didn't get to tell her that when I grow up I want to be school teacher too!!  I brought her a stuffed Woodstock for Mila and a University of Texas sock monkey for her desk because sock monkeys are cool.


And even Jon Bon Jovi.  I was so so nervous I could barely to talk him.  So what can you give a rock star?  Well, I was confused when my Mom said told me about "hair bands" but then she explained it.  So I thought it would be funny to make a We Care Bear Hair I glued some small teddy bears to a hair band (my kind of hair band, for your actual hair).


I have to admit I didn’t know about his music but my Mom downloaded a bunch of it and now We Weren’t Born to Follow is one of my all time favorite songs. My Mom thinks it’s because I wasn’t born to follow, that I proved that the day I came out of the dying room in the orphanage. I think it’s a great song. But also Jon Bon Jovi does amazing work with his Foundation and he should be as famous for the good work he does with that as he is for singing and being a rock star.

I also got to meet so many really nice people from Newman’s Own, USA Today, Points of Light and Gannett. They all worked really hard to make this day really special.

Maybe the best part of the day is that Love Without Boundaries will be getting a $10,000 check to help babies in China who were born with a cleft lip and palate, like me, have surgery to fix it.


October 26 is Make A Difference Day this year and I can’t wait to have an even bigger and better bear bagging event.

You should consider a Make A Difference Day project this year too!!!


USA Today Weekend

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Did you see this weekend's USA  Weekend?  It's all about Make A Difference Day.  You can read about some great Make A Difference Day projects.

Inside you'll find a picture of me with Fire Captain Robert Allen and a story about my Make A Difference Project.

If you don't get the weekend edition you can read about my project HERE

Peace First Fellowship Gathering In Boston

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Wow, I don’t even know where to start. This weekend was the first ever fellowship gathering for the Peace First fellows.

We all had a lot of fun.

We did a lot of hard work and we made a lot of new friends.

It was a very busy weekend but I am so happy to be included with so many great kids doing important work.



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Thank you so much to Councilman Kersey, all the firefighters at Station 33 and all the residence of San Diego's Distric #5 for you your generous donations to the We Care Bear Project!!

Surgery Numbers 6 & 7 This Summer

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You probably don't know this, but I've had 5 surgeries on my face.  FIVE.  The thing is that is a lot but many kids have many many more surgeries than that.  The Ronald McDonald House provides much needed support for families of kids in the hospital.  The San Diego Ronald McDonald House even has a school!!  I love the work they do there so Sunday morning I was happy to volunteer at the Hot Chocolate Race to support the Ronald McDonald House.

New Police Chief

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San Diego has new police chief and it is a woman. Chief Zimmerman has always been so nice to me and I was very excited to hear she is the new Chief. I think that is great that she got this job so today I took her some cookies to say congratulations and look what she had for me!

She also shared with me that she was able to give a We Care Bear to a child and it DID make that child feel better and less scared. That makes me feel great and like my project really does make a difference.

Nominations Open NOW

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Nominate a Peace Maker!!

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If you have a moment today why not head over to the Huffington Post and read this great article about Peace First.  

The Peace First Prize is now accepting new applications.  If you know a young person working to create peace please take a moment to nominate them for this amazing prize.

Merry Christmas Ronald McDonald House

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Tonight was a very special night.  I went to the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego  and delivered bears to the kids who are there.  Kids at the Ronald McDonald House have a sibling who is sick in the hospital.  It's hard to have a sick brother or sister and even harder to be away from home at the holidays.  I hope these little bears help.

These bears are so soft and so cudly I know kids are going to love huggling with them tonight.  Thank you to Cymer for donating the bears!!