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Providing INSTANT Comfort To Kids In Unbearable Situations

Posted by Jessica on May 14, 2015 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The We Care Bears project provides INSTANT comfort to kids in unBEARable situations...I say it all the time and I know it's true.  I know that because of stories like this one....

A week ago today my three year old nephew was in a car accident that he shouldn't have been able to walk away from. We are so grateful for his life. We are also grateful for the police officer who had a We Care Bear and shared it with our baby. When his mom was hurt and couldn't help him he had this little stuffed horsey to comfort him. Thank you Jessica for this wonderful program. You helped a suffering baby feel a little bit better that day. I'm happy to say that he is doing just fine by the way. He gets his four little stitches out tomorrow!

When I speak to kids I ask them to close their eyes and "imagine you are scared or injured, maybe your parents are there, maybe not".  This little guys mother was with him, but hurt herself and unable to comfort him....he was scared AND injured and I am so so happy that one of the first responders had We Care Bears in their vehicle and gave one to this little guy...

Thank you all for your support.  AND good luck getting your stitches out tomorrow bud....I know you'll do great.

Polinsky Center

Posted by Jessica on May 11, 2015 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I was so happy to take 60 stuffed animals to the Polinsky Center.

The A.B. and Jessie Polinsky Children's Center is a 24-hour facility for the temporary emergency shelter of children who must be separated from their families for their own safety, or when parents can not provide care. Each month more than 300 children ages birth to 18 years old are admitted to the Polinsky Children's Center. This picture isn't the greatest but it has a sneak peak to some big changes that are coming. 

Get On The Bus

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Last month I received one of my favorite things.....a REQUEST for bears. Remember last year's donation to Get on The Bus. I was so excited to work with Ms. Lisa again for this event but realized that while I had a large stock of stuffed animals I didn't have 30 actual teddy bears but YOU all came through in a big way. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the online bear drive we reached our goal were able to provide Get on The Bus with all 30 teddy bears they needed for this trip.


We Care Bears provides stuffed animals free of charge to first responders and other organizations that deal with kids in hard places and I can't think of a harder to place to be as a kid then only being allowed to huggle or even touch your Mom once a year on Mother's Day for a short period of time. When these kids have to leave ( or "Get on the Bus") they can be very sad, a stuffed teddy really helps to comfort them. Thank YOU for supporting We Care Bears and providing INSTANT comfort to kids in unBEARable situations.


We Day...

Posted by Jessica on April 30, 2015 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

What an amazing experience.  Today I had the opportunity to attend my first ever We Day.  What is We Day?  Well, I'm so glad you asked.  We Day is the movement of our time, empowering a generation of young global citizens through an inspirational event and a year-long educational initiative called We Act.

We Day is like an amazing concert put on by your favorite artists and a motivational confrence for students BUT you can't buy a ticket - you earn it via We Act....take at least one local and global action.

To top it all off there will be a We Day television special on August 21 on ABC.  It was filmed at the Chicago We Day event, the one I got to go to, and I promise you won't want to miss it.  The artist included:

Common,  Jennifer Hudson, Day Selena Gomez, Tyrese Gibson,  Martin Sheen,  “Magic” Johnson , The Band Perry,  Colbie Caillat, Babyface, Rico Rodriguez,  Raini Rodriguez,  Hannah Simone, Marlee Matlin,  Lt. Colonel Eileen Collins, Kweku Mandela and so many more.  You can read all about it HERE

I've never been to anything like it and I plan on working hard to talk them into bringing a We Day to San Diego and I know our schools would support it.

Ohhh, and I had a little fan girl moment!!

On-Line Bear Drive - Extended

Posted by Jessica on April 28, 2015 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my first ever ONLINE Bear Drive!!


I recently got a request for teddy bears. Easy I thought, so I headed to bear central and started gathering up all the teddy bears I had and you know what?....I don't really have that many teddy bears. I have lots of stuffed animals but ACTUAL teddy bears...not many.


So I thought an online bear drive could work!  AND I've found some great bears! So if you'd like to help on this mission to ensure 30 kids have a soft bears to huggle at a time when they are going to be very sad and scared please consider ordering a bear.

If you live near an Ikea they have these beary cute Brumma bears for just $9.99.  

You can get this cutie at Target for just $9.99

A HUGE bonus is that Target has free shipping on orders over $25  so if you order three you can ship them FREE.

Gund has this adorable bear -

And Build A Bear always has cute bears for $12.

There are so many really cute options I hope you'll consider joining us in making this Online Bear Drive a HUGE success.

To save time and money you can have the bears shipped directly to the We Care Bears project at

We Care Bears

C/O Shay Realty

10550 Craftsman Way #184

San Diego, CA 92127

Or if you'd like to donate but want us to do the shopping for you, you can do that HERE:


Thanks so much for helping me make this drive a giant success.


Global Youth Service Day

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This Weekend was Global Youth Service Day(s) and while I didn't plan a big project I did get the chance to make a very special delivery.


In December Ms. Jones' class at Stone Ranch Elementary donated the most adorable handmade teddy bears. Students worked hard to create these bears, picking out unique fabrics, naming them and even embroidering cute faces on by hand. Each of these bears was perfect and made with such love I knew I wanted to find some place extra special and thanks to a referral I found that place....Gently Hugged. Gently Hugged provides boxes of clothing to families of infants in hard places. Each box contains enough clothing to make it through the first year, along with blankets, board books and now a sweet, baby safe teddy bear.



Big bear hugs to Ms. Jones and her students at Stone Ranch, Ms. Judy at Gently Hugged and Ms. Lisa.


Prudential Spirit Of Community

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Today is Tuesday....poor Tuesday's get no respect. Nothing really special about Tuesday except maybe that it's not Monday because while Tuesday gets no respect, everyone HATES Monday.

But today Tuesday was AMAZING!!! Look what the Principal of my school gave me today.


The Prudential Spirit of Community Certificate of Excellence and the President's Volunteer Service Award along with a letter from the President.

My school and school, Principal Currigan, all the teachers, and the district are pretty fantastic They are so supportive of me and my project and I can't thank everyone enough.


Lt. John

Posted by Jessica on March 24, 2015 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I love my project. It's a lot of work, it takes up a lot of room and costs a lot of money but I LOVE IT. I get to travel, I get to help kids and adults, and I get to meet great people, people who put their lives on the line every day to help and protect us. I know by talking to fire fighters and police officers that it makes a difference. Having a stuffed animal makes their jobs easier and brings comfort to scared or injured children. It makes a difference to the child that receives a We Care Bear, they have something to huggle during a really scary time. It makes a difference to the parents, they are calmer when their child is calmer. It makes a difference to the kids that participate in bear drives or bagging events, young people instinctively know what a big difference having a stuffed animal makes when they are scared or injured. I've had seven surgeries, during the last 5 I have always taken my favorite stuffed animal with me and when I look around at kids in the waiting room or in the hospital I see kids with stuffed animals to comfort them too. It makes a difference to people who buy my bear drive kits, it makes a difference to those that sponsor their local first responders by having a box of We Care Bears sent directly to them, it makes a difference!

Sometimes I get notes from parents after a child has received a stuffed animal from We Care Bears and when they give me permission I share those notes. I love those notes and I'm always happy to hear that the stuffed animal helped AND the child is well. But this week was the first time I have ever gotten a note from a first responder after they handed out We Care Bear(s). It was AMAZING to hear from Lt. John from the Sheriff's department.

"Recently we received a delivery of several stuffed animals intended to “comfort kids inunBEARable situations.” Tonight we had the need to share two of the stuffed animals. Wewere forced to take two small children into protective custody while their mother works out some issues she has with the court system. The children were very happy and instantlycomforted when one of my deputies gave them each a stuffed animal. I thought you would like to know. Thank you for your hard work and for making our hard work easier."


Thank you so much Lt. John for sharing your story with me and I am so glad that your deputies had the tools they needed to help these kids feel comforted.  Stay safe!

Big Bear Hugs,



Be Brave

Posted by Jessica on February 26, 2015 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (0)

We are so happy to announce that we have partnered with Bravelets to bring you some amazing Be Brave jewelry. Give that special person in your life a daily reminder of how brave you think they are, how brave you know they can be and the encouragement to keep being brave!!



Shop here and support We Care Bears:

Charlotte Bacon Act Of Kindness Awards

Posted by Jessica on February 25, 2015 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Saturday I had the amazing honor of attending the Charlotte Bacon Act Of Kindness Awards.

The Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards Ceremony is the premiere program by Newtown Kindness. It takes place each year in Newtown, CT on the weekend around Charlotte Bacon's birthday, which is February 22nd. At this gala event the Newtown Kindness organization celebrates Charlotte’s life and recognizes the very best of the countless stories of Acts of Kindness by children received from around the globe. This year I was honored to be among the 10 finalists. There were also about 30 medalists honored at the event and an Honored School in Iowa. This was an incredibly heartfelt and inspirational evening. Charlotte's physical life may have ended during that horrible day in Newtown but this event shows that her spirit and love live on in a big way!!


Newtown Kindness encourages kids to think kindly and act boldly, to this end they have created the Nice Bucket Challenge.

The Nice Bucket Challenge encourages everyone to download a Nice Bucket card (download HERE) then perform at least one act of kindness during the month of February and take a picture with your pledge card. Tag three friends and use the hashtag #kindnessmonth on your social media pages. The goal is to fill a virtual Nice Bucket with 10,000 acts of kindness during February. I know we closing in on the end of February but I'd still encourage you to download the pledge card and post your act of kindness. If we keep the acts going through March and the entire year that cannot be a bad thing!!

Thank you so much to everyone at Newtown Kindness for inviting me and for thinking my project was worthy of an award. Ohhh, and the trophy has a pink star on the is AMAZING.